How to clear your head when it’s full of noise

    It’s funny, we live in a world full of so much noise.

    Social media, whatsapp, email, phonecalls, work, home life the list goes on.

    When do you get a chance for you? To quiet the mind and receive guidance from your own instincts / God himself.

    These are the instincts that tell you what to do, and when to do it. The only problem is you can’t hear this voice when your mind is literally full of noise, or distracted.

    In this video I suggest four ways to quiet the mind, opening up space for what I’ll call ‘the voice within’. – which I would also refer to as God/Holy Spirit.

    To WATCH the video CLICK HERE.

    Below are the four methods I suggest:

    1. READING – This is best when you want a good distraction, something that will get you into a reflective quiet state, but not great when your mind is really full of noise.
    2. PRAYER – Connecting with God is one of the best things you can do, praying and getting yourself into a serene state allows you to be open to guidance and an inner knowing and peace.
    3. MEDITATION – Again, another way to connect entirely with God, there are many forms of meditation, it’s simply a method of quieting the mind and focusing on the awareness of your body, your surroundings and your inner being. You can also meditate on a bible verse.
    4. MINDFULLNESS – Similar to meditation, but a simple form. Think and do nothing, focus only on the breath.
    5. EXERCISE – I didn’t mention this in the video but it’s a great way to get yourself into a focused mental state and drown out the noise as your focus is usually on the time, on your breath and on your calorie loss! Afterwards you feel refreshed, focused and your mind is clear.

    After any of these practices, either during or just after you feel a crazy feeling of peace. It’s hard to stay there as many get drawn back into life, however the more you can take yourself into that state. The more content, happy, peaceful and joyful you will feel.

    The voice within will remind you that everything is working together for good, that you’re on the right path, that no one wishes you harm, that you are a divine spirit living in a body on this earth. (It’s true…)

    I hope that’s helped in some way and I wish you an amazing week!




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