How to become an ACTION-TAKER

This weeks video was all about how to become an EXECUTOR vs staying away from things that turn people into NON-EXECUTOR’s.

There are three main reasons why people don’t follow through with execution. If the plan is not one of the following, the average non-executor is likely to give up:




Now it’s very rare that a massive goal or dream is all three, and it’s incredibly common for someone to give up if it’s not all three!

It will sometimes be hard, it will sometimes take a long haul or perseverance and on top of that it won’t always be safe, there may be risk involved.

Alongside this I mention some key things I’ve learnt over time that have enabled me to become an EXECUTOR vs NON-EXECUTOR.

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The Butterfly Effect – How to save yourself by letting God in.

Hi all,

This weeks topic was all about how at times we often put barriers in the way of our blessings. I tell a sad story about how I tried to save butterfly who was stuck in a web. And after I failed to get it free and the butterfly itself gave up, it reminded me about the constant day to day barriers we place between us and God. Whether they be worry, anxiety or just sheer distance through distraction.

Because of these things and due to the fact that we have free will, sometimes we are unable to receive help from God because we are sooo far away!

Hopefully this story resonates with you, even if the message is Don’t Give Up!

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Why your heart really does know best…

Hi all,

So last week I posted this video on Youtube, it contains some real life facts courtesy of HeartMath institute on why your brain really does know best!

We constantly feel like we have to choose between the head, and the heart – which one knows best??

Here are some rounded off facts about the heart that may surprise you:

  1. The heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. 
  2. The heart is the very FIRST organ to be formed in the body, even before the brain! 
  3. The heart actually has it’s own intelligence system.
  4. The heart’s magnetic field can be measured a few feet away from the body.
  5. The heart is 60 times more powerful than the brain electrically. 
  6. The heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain magnetically.  

So the next time you decide that your brain knows best, think again. Your heart has been proven to be incredibly powerful.

Watch the video for a breakdown of these, and for some tips on when following your heart is best.

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Your way is the BEST way…

Your way is the BEST way-2

Hello all,

Here is my weekly post to you based on my recent Youtube video.

For those of us who are ambitious and goal driven it’s important that we read daily or weekly and feed ourselves regularly with things that enable us to grow.

However it’s sometimes easy to get sucked into someone else’s strategy, plan or even their life! More than ever before we are in a world whose eyes are on other people, everyone’s looking at what everyone else is doing on social media, blogs etc.

I want to let you know that no matter how many strategies you find in books that created successful happy individuals, although there is always a similar undertone, from time to time these strategies will contradict themselves. It’s up to you to understand what truly works best for you.

What may be best for one person may not always be best suited to you.

Whilst motivational speaker Eric Thomas may state you have to go without sleep to get what you want or someone else may say 5am wakeups are the key, someone like Huffington Post creator Arianna Huffington swears by a good nights sleep and identifies other successful people who do too.

Times are changing and whilst it’s definitely important to read about the greats, try not to get sucked into their stories! Instead take what you can from them and adapt it in a way which suits you.

Most importantly, in a world where there is SO much noise from things like TV, Social Media etc it is up to you to block it out and allow yourself to hear inner guidance so that you can truly understand the power you had within all along. The world is calling for unique, driven individuals like YOU, it’s time to create a strategy and a life that is different to any other life lived on this earth.

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How to clear your head when it’s full of noise

It’s funny, we live in a world full of so much noise.

Social media, whatsapp, email, phonecalls, work, home life the list goes on.

When do you get a chance for you? To quiet the mind and receive guidance from your own instincts / God himself.

These are the instincts that tell you what to do, and when to do it. The only problem is you can’t hear this voice when your mind is literally full of noise, or distracted.

In this video I suggest four ways to quiet the mind, opening up space for what I’ll call ‘the voice within’. – which I would also refer to as God/Holy Spirit.

To WATCH the video CLICK HERE.

Below are the four methods I suggest:

  1. READING – This is best when you want a good distraction, something that will get you into a reflective quiet state, but not great when your mind is really full of noise.
  2. PRAYER – Connecting with God is one of the best things you can do, praying and getting yourself into a serene state allows you to be open to guidance and an inner knowing and peace.
  3. MEDITATION – Again, another way to connect entirely with God, there are many forms of meditation, it’s simply a method of quieting the mind and focusing on the awareness of your body, your surroundings and your inner being. You can also meditate on a bible verse.
  4. MINDFULLNESS – Similar to meditation, but a simple form. Think and do nothing, focus only on the breath.
  5. EXERCISE – I didn’t mention this in the video but it’s a great way to get yourself into a focused mental state and drown out the noise as your focus is usually on the time, on your breath and on your calorie loss! Afterwards you feel refreshed, focused and your mind is clear.

After any of these practices, either during or just after you feel a crazy feeling of peace. It’s hard to stay there as many get drawn back into life, however the more you can take yourself into that state. The more content, happy, peaceful and joyful you will feel.

The voice within will remind you that everything is working together for good, that you’re on the right path, that no one wishes you harm, that you are a divine spirit living in a body on this earth. (It’s true…)

I hope that’s helped in some way and I wish you an amazing week!





How to Eliminate Overthinking!

I often find that we have excellent ideas, but then thinking gets in the way and we don’t end up executing them. This video is all about how we can remove overthinking from the process!

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Inspiration Interviews and Bios

DJ Khaled: From $ to $$$ $$$ $$$


Dj Khaled, the man that turned Snapchat into Major Key’s and money!

Khaled’s parents arrived in New Orleans from Palestine in their 20’s, his mother was born in Rahmallah and his father grew up in Al-Mazra’a ash-Sharqiya. His father came to America with only $20. His mum would sell clothes out of a van at a flea market.

They worked every single day, seven days a week and Khaled would hang out with them!

The Journey Begins…

After his family relocated to Orlando, Khaled started DJing around age 13, in his garage surrounded by stacks of records and a keyboard, drum machine and turntables.

When he was 16 years old, his family encountered tax issues and he literally watched the government take all of his families items! His family went from a comfortable position to having ZERO.

The family relocated back to New Orleans, and Khaled snagged a brief job at Odyssey Records. This is where it all started, and is in fact where he met Birdman and a 12 year old Lil Wayne!

Khaled was full of energy and it got to a point where he was out of a job, and it was then decided he never wanted a job again, it was all about his music career.

Relocating to Miami in 1994, with only $20 in his pocket!! (Do you remember how much his Dad came to the US with?)

It was then the real grind began, he would sleep wherever he could, his girlfriend’s parents house, motels, even his girlfriend’s car. He would DJ anywhere he could, however his first year there he still remained poor, just above homeless.

Around the same time Marcello Valenzano and Andre Christopher Lyon were spinning records on Mixx 96, their pirate radio station. However one night, in walked Khaled. He was real with them, told them about his move to Miami, told them everytime he tried to get on radio shows people told him no. Then, he asked for a slot on their show.

Andre and Marcello were on the cusp of their own major decision. Nonetheless, they gave DJ Khaled a slot on the show. And their major decision turned into a major move, as in a week they both moved to Atlanta and became the Grammy winning hip hop production duo, Cool and Dre!

When they relocated, the slot they gave to Dj Khaled, became the whole show! Within 9 months, Khaled had literally moved into the station, he’d sleep on the floor and DJ until the early hours of the morning. This helped him to start booking gigs in the popular Miami scene.

By now Khaled was on a role, he walked into a popular Collins Avenue nightclub and asked if he could DJ. He took out his records, played with crazy energy and blew the owner away. Soon enough crowds would turn up just to see Khaled!

It was then Khaled landed a slot on The Luke Show, which was a more mainstream radio show. His energy was a bit too much for some of the listeners but it was given another slot by 99 Jamz when the show ended. By 2005, Khaled had the idea for a mixtape. Back then, DJ’s just DJ’ed…but Khaled had another plan in mind and a few months later his first mixtape was released.


His first national breakout was a colaboration with Akon, TI, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman and Lil Wayne. After that he started pushing them out. And his single All I do is Win from his album Victory (2010) blew up in the charts! And sold more than 3 million copies. Barack Obama even walked out to it! Then there was 2011’s “I’m on One: which earned Khaled a Grammy nomination.

Now a total of 118 artists have appeared on Khaled’s eight albums, thats a statistic.

However in the past year Khaled’s fame has got bigger than ever, twenty years in. DJ Khaled is finally a household name. Thanks to Snapchat, a social media platform that allows users to send photos and videos to friends.

Since he joined last year he has gained incredible momentum. His followers have grown as he’s shown major insight into his daily life, live snapping him riding his jet-ski in Miami, visiting local friends for lunch, filming his daily meals and his quiet time in his garden expressing gratitude with his flowers and stone lion. Now he turns his hand back to business, and one of his best ventures are his website and his Finga Licking restaurant business.

He really is on one. And now at 40 years old, you could say Dj Khaled has made it and personally, I don’t think he’s done.


He never ever gave up, he was PERSISTENT with no resistance.

He created his own OPPORTUNITIES. No matter how many no’s he got, he would walk in and ask for opportunities, until someone gave him one.

He took risks, he moved to Miami with just $20 in his pocket. It was probably another 10 years before massive returns came in.

He didn’t use his background as an excuse but a driver of his success.

He focused on what he could do, on his specialities, he didn’t try and mirror anyone else. He knew he was unique and he played on that.

Lastly, he’s never stopped. Testament to that his Dj Khaled’s new line of Champagne. Belaire Lux.

Inspiration Interviews and Bios

Milton Hershey: From failed businesses to billions

13 Nov 1923, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA --- Milton Hershey founded Hershey Chocolate as well as built Hershey, Pennsylvania for his employees. He became a prominent philanthropists and gave his fortune to helping those in need. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Milton Hershey was born in 1857 to a German and Swiss family, raised in a rural farmland area.

As a young man he did what most do, and went out in the world to learn. One of his first apprenticeships was with a printers, which he unfortunately was fired from. He then went on to follow his passion and began a 4 year apprenticeship in Lancaster as a candy maker.

After his time there, he decided he was ready to start a candy business. So he did…but as we all know by now, not everything works the first time around, and the business failed. He didn’t give up, he took a leap and moved to Denver where he learnt how to cook caramels from fresh milk from a confectioner.

He then took another risk, by moving to New York City, giving candy making a second try.

Guess what? He failed, again.

However he never fell out of love with candy, and focused his efforts on caramels in Lancaster instead.

For the first time, his venture had succeeded, he finally built the Lancaster Caramel Company, and was shipping sweet products across the US and Europe!

Years later in 1893, Milton attended the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, it was there he fell in love with chocolate! He then began creating chocolate coatings for caramels, soon after he founded the Hershey Chocolate Company.

The work didn’t stop there, he spent years perfecting the combination of milk, cocoa and sugar to create on of the world’s most favourite chocolates of all time.

In 1900, he created the FIRST milk chocolate bar, which was the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar. In 1907 he produced Hershey’s Kisses, followed by Hershey’s Chocolate Bar with Almonds.

He then turned Lancaster into a chocolate town! He even created a trolley system that connected the town to other cities nearby, allowing employees to travel and transport chocolate quicker. Hershey’s grew so much that Milton then created a large Chocolate Factory where his employees could live and it was also a place to grow cocoa beans. In 1905 a Cocoa house was built which became a town centre that housed a bank, stores, post office and a printing plant and even a newsroom for the Hershey’s Press.

It doesn’t stop there, Milton then created the famous tourist attraction, Hershey Park was opened in 1907. It was originally created for his workers to enjoy and have fun in spare time. The park is still around to this day has over 110 acres of rides and attractions. In his time he also bought a Community Centre, a Mansion, a Hotel and a Sports Arena.


Hotel Hershey, Founded in 1933 by Milton Hershey

Milton’s hard work and persistence left him with a £100 million fortune at the time of his death in 1945 (Which as you can imagine held masses of value back then!).

The crazy thing is although he passed way over 50 years ago, his company is now earning more than 5.3 billion revenue a year!!!


He took RISKS, he wasn’t glued to one place. He constantly re-located and moved to learn and try new things.

He learnt even more about his PASSION. He was constantly learning whether it was from a trade show or a local confectioner and that gave him a unique set of skills.

He FAILED and tried again. Milton had two failed businesses under his belt until he started again, how many of us would keep going after failing?

He wasn’t afraid to CHANGE, he changed his ideas, and refined them until they were right.

He thought ahead, he was an innovator and created the FIRST chocolate bar.

He looked after those around him’s wellbeing, we could say he practiced GRATITUDE for his employees through the creation of places to stay, theme parks to use out of work etc.

After doing this, he became a force not to be reckoned with! I hope you have learnt some nuggets and can see some similarities between this entrepreneur and the others I have mentioned so far!








Look what happens to water, when you say certain words to it. Powerful.

Recently myself and a few of my snapchat and instagram followers embarked on a 4 week challenge, to drink 2 Litres of water every day! And it was not easy! I discovered so many facts about water, I shared some in my Introduction to Health and Vitality video Part Two.

However, recently my boyfriend shared this video with me about the effects of words on water, and I had to share it with you!

Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water through photographic techniques. He freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities.

Words like Peace, Love, Appreciation make the water form crystallised beautiful shapes, words like Anger, Adolf Hitler and Demon, form unrecognisable gloopy blobs. Our bodies are over 70% of water…I wonder how words and feelings affect us?

Sometimes, when we cannot see the results of our good deeds, affirmations or prayers straight away we wonder if they have actually come to pass. But as you can see through Masaru Emoto’s photographs, the very thought of failure itself can reverse the reaction.

I hope you can see that maybe the immediate results of your prayer, faith, good deeds are invisible to the human eye, but they are still there! When we love our body, and the earth, they respond.

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Office Masaru Emoto:…



The Art of Re-Appreciation

Next week-6

Have you ever tried writing down three things you’re grateful for each morning?

At first it’s the BEST exercise ever, you feel amazing and you really appreciate life. Then as time goes on, you may wake up a little later, or forget to do it that morning and try and do it in the evening instead. That’s when it happens, you lose the feeling.

All of a sudden your searching for things to be grateful for, you start trying to appreciate your bed, your phone, your laptop, the air, but somethings different, the feelings not there!

And if you know about the law of attraction, or just receiving in general through gratitude, you HAVE to feel it.

That’s why me and my friend Mario King made an episode all about the NEW gratitude! Re-Appreciation! It’s a way to re-live moments and times you were blessed, appreciate the bad out of good situations and the times when you actually were in alignment with what you wanted!

Check out the episode and tell me what you think of the concept!

Click here to view The Art of Re-Appreciation.