Why your heart really does know best…

    Hi all,

    So last week I posted this video on Youtube, it contains some real life facts courtesy of HeartMath institute on why your brain really does know best!

    We constantly feel like we have to choose between the head, and the heart – which one knows best??

    Here are some rounded off facts about the heart that may surprise you:

    1. The heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. 
    2. The heart is the very FIRST organ to be formed in the body, even before the brain! 
    3. The heart actually has it’s own intelligence system.
    4. The heart’s magnetic field can be measured a few feet away from the body.
    5. The heart is 60 times more powerful than the brain electrically. 
    6. The heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain magnetically.  

    So the next time you decide that your brain knows best, think again. Your heart has been proven to be incredibly powerful.

    Watch the video for a breakdown of these, and for some tips on when following your heart is best.

    There will be a new video up EVERY WEDNESDAY on my Youtube channel found at Please SUBSCRIBE.

    Have an amazing week!


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